What is meant by web tension control?

Web Tension Control refers to the control of the tension in a moving web or strand of material. Typically there are various sections on the machine referred to as tension zones that require control of the material tension. Depending on the application, different zones may require different tensions in order to produce a quality product. 

Q: Why is it necessary to control the tension in the web?

Proper Tension Control in the web results in a higher quality product, and more throughput. For instance, if the tension is not properly controlled, wrinkles in the material can occur which result in defective product. 

If the roll of material is rewound incorrectly, the outer layers can crush the inner layers of material, or the rolls can telescope, resulting in damage when the rolls are handled. When printing on material, improper tension control results in smearing of the ink and fuzzy images due to poor registration. Some materials loose their elasticity if they are stretched as a result of poor tension control. Good tension control also results in the capability to run the process at higher speeds without sacrificing product quality. 

Q: What are some of the processes requiring tension control?Examples of Processes that use Web Tension Control include: 

  • Printing 
  • Coating 
  • Laminating 
  • Slitting 
  • Winding 
  • Cable and Wire Manufacturing

Web Tension Control

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